Wednesday, September 3, 2014

10 Ratings Blurbs: 9/3/14 Edition

I'm not enthusiastic about these shows this week. Personally there are a bunch of underachieving shows in this bunch.

1. Atlanta Exes (1.905 million 0.8)- This show is still lagging behind Love & Hip Hop and Family Hustle but it is holding steady so far. I’m not surprised but I will be surprised if it holds these numbers in 2 weeks because I’m still expecting a dropoff when the Love & Hip Hop switches from Atlanta to Hollywood.

2. Real Housewives of Orange County (2.032 million 0.9)- I’m a little surprised that Bravo didn’t opt to do a 3 part reunion on this show but it doesn’t matter because I believe 3 part reunions are excessive and unnecessary. This show turned in another solid season and Bravo really needed for that to happen with the way things are going this year.

3. Pretty Little Liars (2.294 million 1.0)- For a regular episode these would be pretty normal numbers. For a finale these numbers are a little soft. I’m not really surprised by these numbers because there are only so many “shocking revelations” you can make before you start boring casual fans who weren’t following the show that closely to begin with. The days of inflated premieres and finales may be coming to a close with this show.

4. Teen Mom 2 (1.716 million 1.0)- This is doing ok and I don’t have too much to say about it. This is one of those slow weeks where I need a bunch of space filler shows and this is one of them.

5. Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (Sunday: 1.206 million 0.7; Monday: 773,000 0.4)- E! needs to stop fooling themselves with these shows. Yes these numbers are decent for this show but the Sunday numbers are inflated and when you take that into consideration these numbers really aren’t all that good. These numbers are sure to decline again next week and they will probably plummet to levels that don’t warrant any type of reward or celebration but because this is a show that holds Kardashian numbers a little better than 95% of the shows they have aired in the past, this show will probably keep reaping the benefits of that simple accomplishment.

6. Keeping Up with the Kardashians (Sunday: 2.845 million 1.5; Monday 2.101 million 1.1)- Don’t let the press release fool you. The people at E! are not enthusiastic about these numbers. The Sunday numbers are better than a normal episode but for a 2 night finale “event” they really aren’t that great. It shows the normal fans showed up and some slightly more than casual fans came to watch too but for the most part, viewers decided to pass on this so the gimmick train on this one is done for.

7. Preachers of LA (977,000 0.7)- These numbers are still a little off from season 1 but they are much better than last week’s premiere. Perhaps Oxygen made a mistake by having the first episode available to so many viewers before the actual premiere. Instead of attracting new fans it appeared the existing fans chose not to watch because they already saw the episode.

8. Dating Naked (558,000 0.3)- This show is plummeting towards being a bubble show. After episode 3 this show looked like the one sure renewal in a crop of major disappointments. Now we’re here a month later and the ratings have not recovered at all. The numbers over the last month would indicate that the show deserves to be canceled but those early numbers are keeping this show afloat and will wind up being a huge factor if this show gets saved especially if the numbers for the rest of this season look like this.

9. Masters of Sex (726,000 0.2)- That 0.2 demo is just odd to me. I know it was a holiday weekend and I know 0.3 demo ratings are a regular occurrence for this show but just seeing that there is weird because that’s when it hits me that people aren’t really watching this show. I suppose the show will go back to normal levels next week.

10. Dallas (1.931 million 0.4)- This is another space filler show for me because the ratings haven’t changed much over the last few weeks. That demo is still a point of concern and it will likely be a point of concern for the remainder of the season.