Tuesday, September 16, 2014

10 Ratings Blurbs: 9/16/14 Edition

Outside of the #1 show on this list, there are a lot of average and under-performing shows here this week.

1. Sons of Anarchy (6.199 million 3.2)- A series high is a very strong way to start the final season of this show. With so many cable veterans ending their runs this year it is easy for some to get caught up in the hype of being the last season ever and with a start like this, FX has to be hoping that this final run will give them numbers that rivals the end of Breaking Bad on AMC last year.

2. Dancing with the Stars (13.64 million 2.4)- I’m not surprised these numbers are down from the premieres of the last 2 seasons. ABC seemed to really throw this cast together. They didn’t try to find a controversial cast member his time but the people they chose don’t really inspire too much general interest either. With a show as old as this one, you need general interest to keep things afloat until you can find a spark to refresh the show.

3. Bad Girls Club: Chicago (1.380 million 0.7)- This show managed to beat the season 11 average, It is somewhat of a positive sign but I don’t think it is the sign Oxygen was looking for because with Preachers of LA experiencing lower season 2 ratings, this show is once again the undisputed highest rated show on the network and clearly Oxygen doesn’t want this show to be the standard-bearer of the network anymore.

4. The Bridge (1.279 million 0.4)- We know FX wishes all of their shows got Sons of Anarchy numbers but that is not the case. In my estimation this show is more than likely a bubble show. These ratings aren’t all that good and they haven’t been that good all season. The only thing working in this show’s favor is that these numbers are similar to that of The Americans and FX renewed that show. Only FX knows whether they have the courage to stomach 2 low-rated veteran shows.

5. Couples Therapy (1.201 million 0.6)- Surprisingly this is actually a series high for the show. Of course it says a lot that a show can air 5 seasons and this is the first time it has been over a million viewers. As always I will remain to be suspicious of this show because the viewers have an odd habit of forgetting about this show. Also with this being season 5, even good or mediocre ratings don’t guarantee another season on VH1.

6. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (2.808 million 1.5)- Though this is down about 900,000 viewers from the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion last week, this isn’t a bad start. VH1 has seen worse in this timeslot and they may continue to see worse because there’s no guarantee that this show will hold up. For now this is a solid start with a lot of room to find its way.

7. Girlfriend Intervention (646,000 0.3)- I’ve seen spotted ratings for this show so far but I do know that these numbers aren’t good for Lifetime and I also know Lifetime is the type of network to pull shady schedule moves. I think it is important to look out for those moves first. If the show moves to 11pm or disappears for an undisclosed period of time then that will be the signal to know what Lifetime plans to do with this show.

8. Sisterhood of Hip Hop (685,000 0.3)- This show is still in the running to get a second season on Oxygen. Success on this network is scarce and this year is no exception. While the numbers behind Bad Girls Club haven’t been great, they just might be enough to keep the season average high enough to justify a renewal because the ratings are sure to tumble tonight.

9. Masterchef (5.56 million 2.0)- Sadly FOX is going to be desperate to see numbers like these. Outside of 2 of the 3 animated Sunday shows and at least half of their Monday lineup, the network is going to be hard-pressed to see a 2.0 demo which makes me believe that there’s a chance that the next season of this show will return sooner than it needs to (For the record, the Junior spinoff isn’t counted as an additional season. It is considered its own separate show and right now that is slated to return in November. I have reason to believe that premiere may be moved up as well).

10. I Heart Nick Carter (420,000 0.2)- If VH1 had a reason to feel elated on Thursday then this show brought them right back down to earth. For Couples Therapy to actually exceed expectations, this show looks worse for doing a terrible job of holding on to that audience. That is not going to bode well for this show going forward especially if Couples Therapy begins to slip.