Tuesday, September 23, 2014

10 Ratings Blurbs: 9/23/14 Edition

Now that I look at this list, this is another list of mostly disappointing and underperforming shows. The Voice isn't one of those shows but it too is down from last season.

1. The Voice (12.95 million 3.9)- This may be the one year where it’s perfectly fine that this show doesn’t get a 4.0 demo for the premiere. The competition on the broadcast networks (and ESPN) was brutal and someone had to suffer somewhere. The good news is that while not one show appeared to be as big as it could have been, every network had something to celebrate from last night. Can’t say that will be the same tonight because it will be expected that this show will be the highest rated (in terms of 18-49 demo) for the evening.

2. America’s Got Talent (Tuesday: 11.46 million 2.5; Wednesday Finale: 12.21 million 2.4)- NBC has accepted that this show will never be as strong as it used to be but for a summer show that takes up 2 nights it continues to do well for itself. It will be back next summer and things should be business as usual.

3. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (2.371 million 1.3)- I expected a second week drop and against 100% competition on all networks I can’t say anyone should be surprised that the drop is this big. These numbers may give VH1 cause for concern but for now they may not be that worried because fall tends to be the toughest part of the year for them and they still hope that the show will gain some momentum.

4. The Mindy Project (2.68 million 1.3)- It’s no secret that FOX is going to have a rough year. This show somewhat epitomizes that. How rough this season gets may be the determining factor of the fate of this show. These numbers are atrociously low and they will stay this way for the rest of the season but the needs of the network along with the relative ratings of the other shows will decide if this show receives more episodes this season and if that happens then it will almost certainly be renewed for a fourth and presumably final season.

5. Breaking Amish (901,000 0.3)- I know this is a new night with very minimal promotion and a new cast but these numbers are low and this scheduling makes me believe TLC had a feeling that this was coming. Perhaps this show was stretched too thin to begin with from all of the name and cast changes and the viewer fatigue is beginning to show.

6. Don’t Be Tardy (Thursday: 819,000 0.3; Sunday Finale: 1.049 million 0.5)- I view this show as being in the same position as last season. The ratings are not great but they aren’t horrible. If anything these numbers are forgettable and while practically half of the season has aired on Thursdays while the other half has aired on Sundays, this show has proven that the tricky schedule was not much of a challenge and it has established itself as a utility player. The show should never be utilized to help another show but it is a show that helps out an overall primetime average because it has shown that some viewers will show up no matter what.

7. Dating Naked (585,000 0.2)- This show absolutely completely collapsed after that third week with the boost from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. There were a couple of weeks where the show tried to recover but it never quite found its footing again. The show earned its renewal from the strength of the first 3 episodes and the official renewal of Candidly Nicole further solidified the renewal prospects of this show. That being said, VH1 needs to be very careful and evaluate why viewers appeared to be interested at first and how they were turned off in droves after hat first week or else the next season will be the last.

8. Extant (5.44 million 1.1)- CBS knows they are done with this show. I don’t know if they are going to give it the dignity of publishing a formal cancellation announcement but they should and it would be better to do it sooner so hopefully they end up with a hit rookie show that deserves an early full season order so they can sneak this tidbit in there.

9. Dallas (1.718 million 0.4)- TNT has a big decision to make here with this show. Most would acknowledge that this show has seen better days and 3 seasons for a cable reboot is a good thing. However the ratings, albeit low, have been fairly consistent all season (including the first half earlier this year). So now it is up to TNT to decide if they want consistency to keep them afloat during their weaker months or do they move on because they believe they have enough time to find something new to connect with the viewers?

10. Under the Dome (7.52 million 1.8)- Unlike Extant, this is a bubble show. Problem with this bubble show is that it has better ratings than their Sunday fall dramas and it is way down from last year. They are not moving this away from the summer and they still appear to be committed to wanting scripted fare in the summer so they have to decide to go with at least one more year of this or scout for something else not yet knowing what kind of in-season pitfalls lie before them in terms of their dramas.