Tuesday, November 14, 2017

10 Ratings Blurbs: 11/14/17 Edition

Pretty boring week. A lot of shows are gearing up for their winter and season finales.

1. Real Housewives of Orange County (1.734 million 0.7)- This ended up being a season where the ratings didn’t move around all that much. This old show has certainly done well enough to keep going and the network is in no hurry to part ways with it.

2. The Walking Dead (8.688 million 3.9)- With each passing week, it looks like the show will not retain its crown as being the highest rated show on television. That being said, the show is not in a death spiral. There is not one network currently in existence that would cancel a show getting these numbers.

3. Empire (5.400 million 1.8)- There was a little tidbit of news last week about how the producers are going to undertake a production hiatus to work on some more scripts. Because the season is so short and the winter break is so long, this break shouldn’t delay the show at all. The first half will still end in December and it is not scheduled to return until March. I just wonder if these changes are too little too late. The show is certain to be renewed, but I don’t think they can recapture the ratings magic of season 1.

4. Riverdale (1.469 million 0.5)- The numbers are coming back down to earth, but there is no reason to be alarmed. The CW’s standards are far too generous to let the show go (besides, if Dynasty can get a full season order with 0.2’s and 0.3’s behind this show, safe isn’t a strong enough word to describe the position this show is in).

5. The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 (719,000 0.5)- It’s hard to process how a show can reach 30 seasons. It’s even harder do it knowing that MTV has done it twice. Of course, this show would have never reached that threshold if not for the constant longevity of The Real World. We know this show will live on in the near term because they do need shows to pull consistent numbers while they remain on the hunt for the next big thing.

6. Tamar & Vince (758,000 0.3)- I don’t keep up with a whole lot of celebrity news these days, but I have seen headlines about this particular couple. These numbers are decent and if they hold, I’m sure the network will be in an awkward position. This show is still relatively successful. Since it is a spinoff of another successful show, WE (the network) may be looking at a scenario where they may be forced to end this show, but may consider launching a new spinoff in its place. It’s something to keep in mind as the season goes on.

7. Don’t be Tardy (925,000 0.4)- I wasn’t going to put this on the list, but this did see a bump from the arrival of Married to Medicine. This has always been a show that has managed to pull random good numbers out of thin air in forgotten timeslots.

8. Real Housewives of Dallas (885,000 0.3)- I wouldn’t be surprised if the people at Bravo have absolutely no idea what to do with this show. We know that they like for their franchise shows to be able to stand alone. We also know that they like their spinoffs to be able to stand alone by season three. Well, here we are at the end of season two and not only does this show have pretty terrible retention from a decent lead-in, there is absolutely no evidence that the show will at least hold these viewers if the show were forced to air without any help. I think Bravo needs to move on, but I can also see the show getting one last chance.

9. Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party (537,000 0.3)- VH1 very quietly pushed the show off to Wednesday nights and I knew the numbers would be lower, but I wasn’t expecting them to get this low. If the numbers recover a little, there may be some hope for the show to survive. If they continue to sink, it’s a dead show walking because Black Ink Crew has carved out its own niche on Wednesdays and they know they don’t have to treat their Wednesday shows as outcasts.

10. Marvel’s Inhumans (1.945 million 0.5)- I’m still of the belief that this show is not going to get renewed. However, I don’t think its chances of cancellation are 100%. ABC has had a pitiful fall so far and if recent history is an indicator, winter and spring won’t get better. For now, I’ll say that I believe this show’s fortunes will be tied to how devoted the network wants to stay to the Marvel franchise. Currently, their best option would be to let this show go, end SHIELD and start fresh with something new next season. Recent history also suggests that they will probably offer up a couple of head-scratching pity renewals and I believe that if everything from here on bombs or disappoints, ABC might quietly hold a death spot for this show so they don’t stick something else there next year.

Broadcast Shows:

Dancing with the Stars- 9.882 million (1.4)

The Voice (Monday)- 9.525 million (2.0)

The Voice (Tuesday)- 9.474 million (1.9)

Empire- 5.400 million (1.8)

Chicago P.D.- 5.161 million (0.9)

Scandal- 5.000 million (1.1)

Star- 3.761 million (1.2)

How to Get Away with Murder- 3.708 million (0.9)

Hell’s Kitchen- 3.106 million (0.8)

Gotham- 2.704 million (0.9)

The Flash- 2.377 million (0.9)

Once Upon a Time- 2.368 million (0.5)

Marvel’s Inhumans (Finale)- 1.945 million (0.5)

Supergirl- 1.893 million (0.5)

Supernatural- 1.706 million (0.6)

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow- 1.519 million (0.5)

Riverdale- 1.469 million (0.5)

Arrow- 1.292 million (0.5)

Cable Shows:

The Walking Dead- 8.688 million (3.9)

Real Housewives of Atlanta- 2.561 million (1.0)

Love & Hip Hop- 1.892 million (1.0)

American Horror Story: Cult- 1.820 million (0.8)

Real Housewives of Orange County (Finale)- 1.734 million (0.7)

Project Runway (Finale Part 1)- 1.668 million (0.4)

Teen Mom 2 (Reunion Part 1)- 1.147 million (0.6)

Real Housewives of New Jersey- 1.108 million (0.4)

Scared Famous- 1.024 million (0.5)

Black Ink Crew: Chicago- 1.020 million (0.5)

Keeping Up with the Kardashians- 1.007 million (0.5)

Don’t Be Tardy- 925,000 (0.4)

Real Housewives of Dallas (Reunion Part 2)- 885,000 (0.3)

Married to Medicine- 801,000 (0.3)

The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30- 719,000 (0.5)

Tamar & Vince (Premiere)- 758,000 (0.3)

Little Women: Dallas (9:00)- 620,000 (0.2)

Little Women: Dallas (10:00)- 544,000 (0.2)

Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party- 537,000 (0.3)

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars- 514,000 (0.2)

Teen Mum- 379,000 (0.2)