Tuesday, June 27, 2017

10 Ratings Blurbs: 6/27/17 Edition

The list returns at least for this week because there were a lot of premieres and finales over the weekend. Throw in an awards show and we have a list. Also, to update something from last week, AMC renewed Better Call Saul today.

1. 2017 BET Awards (3.833 million 1.5)- These numbers are pretty low for a BET Awards telecast. They have had years where they aired the program on Sundays (to mixed results) and they have had years where they have aired it on Tuesdays (also to mixed results). The numbers from the other networks that aired simulcasts didn’t do much to boost the numbers (The numbers I saw ranged from 486k to 167k). The good news here is that they didn’t use this year’s show as an opportunity to launch a new show. They need to go back to the drawing board and try to make the show more of an event again and not something that people are just meh over.

2. The Haves and the Have Nots (2.678 million 0.7)- This is a little bit weaker than recent season openers for this show, but the numbers are still far from panic territory. For now, the numbers are still in normal territory and that still makes this the top show on OWN.

3. Power (1.681 million 0.8)- This is the first time I have ever put this show on the list. It’s good to bring in new blood every once in a while. These numbers are very good and I’m impressed given the weird level of strong competition this Sunday. This show has defied some strange norms and odds (stuff like surviving past 3 seasons on Starz and spending 2 of those seasons on Saturday nights) to get where it is, but it deserves the accolades it gets despite what appears to be modest numbers on the surface.

4. Little Women LA (1.039 million 0.4)- I’m just going to say that Lifetime probably botched a good portion of this season by having those early episodes air on Tuesday nights. The numbers have risen since moving back to Wednesdays and while they still aren’t close to the series highs from last season, it’s a step in the right direction.

5. RuPaul’s Drag Race (859,000 0.4)- There have been moments of ratings greatness and moments of okay ratings this season. VH1 renewed the show months ago, so while there may be a long wait for next season (especially if they follow the Logo model of doing one season per year), I can’t stress enough that this was a good pickup for VH1.

6. Veep (536,000 0.2)- It’s easy to acknowledge that this has been a low rated season. I don’t know if HBO will stick to the same formula next year. Their priority will be getting as much as they can out of Game of Thrones. If Game of Thrones performs well this summer, there’s absolutely no chance that next year’s installment goes back to spring to help these comedies. What fans should be reassured of is that the show has gone far enough that we may be at the point where the network will allow the producers to end the show when they want to.

7. Daytime Divas (917,000 0.4)- I’m getting to the point where I believe that this show is not going to see another season on VH1. I’m not yet convinced that this will be a one season show. I will say that if the ratings continue to drop, it may not be worth BET’s time (and at that point, it may get shoved off to Centric).

8. Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition (572,000 0.2)- The numbers this season have been a disappointment. I still believe this show is a victim of doing way too many seasons in such a short period of time. Unfortunately, the damage may already be done no matter what kind of tweaks happen with this show.

9. The Originals (798,000 0.3)- I’m not sure what caused this show to fade for the finale. It’s a little unfortunate because the ratings were ticking up after the broadcast season ended officially. We all know the show is returning and it will most likely return to its timeslot. Room on the schedule will be the biggest factor as to when this show returns. Current logic says it probably won’t be back until at least March. More successes on the network or a super high profile failure could cause a delay in this show’s return.

10. Kendra on Top (460,000 0.2)- Hard to say anything bad about these numbers when the show didn’t get that much help from the Marriage Boot Camp finale. Scary thing is that these numbers can still decrease from here.

Broadcast Shows:

America’s Got Talent- 12.740 million (2.6)

MasterChef- 3.339 million (1.0)

So You Think You Can Dance- 3.099 million (0.8)

The Originals (Finale)- 798,000 (0.3)

Cable Shows:

2017 BET Awards- 3.833 million (1.5)

The Haves or the Have Nots (Premiere)- 2.678 million (0.7)

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta- 2.501 million (1.3)

Fear the Walking Dead- 2.498 million (1.0)

Basketball Wives- 1.949 million (0.9)

Power (Premiere)- 1.681 million (0.8)

Real Housewives of New York City- 1.585 million (0.5)

Teen Mom OG- 1.381 million (0.8)

Little Women LA- 1.039 million (0.4)

Little Women Atlanta: Monie Gets Married- 963,000 (0.3)

Daytime Divas- 917,000 (0.4)

RuPaul’s Drag Race (Finale)- 859,000 (0.4)

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition (Finale)- 572,000 (0.2)

Veep (Finale)- 536,000 (0.2)

Ridiculousness (10:30)- 504,000 (0.2)

Ridiculousness (11:00)- 480,000 (0.2)

Kendra on Top (Premiere)- 460,000 (0.2)

The Challenge (Special)- 248,000 (0.1)