Tuesday, October 13, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 10/13/15 Edition

There were so many premieres, finales and reunions last week that I actually had to exclude 4 shows from the list. At least I'll get to touch on a couple of those next week.

1. The Walking Dead (14.633 million 7.4)- These numbers may not be as big as last season’s opener (both halves) but these are still huge numbers and no other scripted show on TV is touching this. I know the numbers will slide somewhat but I don’t expect the numbers to fall below Empire (which still hasn’t stabilized yet).

2. The Flash (3.58 million 1.4)- As a surprise to no one, this show returned at the top of The CW pile and that’s about all I can say about this show because these numbers were about where they were at the end of last season.

3. Basketball Wives LA (1.749 million 0.9)- Well this managed to increase over the finale (and every episode of the season except for the premiere) and hold its own against The Walking Dead. That counts for something and it also makes that renewal well deserved, at least in terms of ratings.

4. American Horror Story: Hotel (5.807 million 3.0)- These numbers are actually very good. I feel a little foolish for not noticing that demo until just as I’m writing this. I don’t expect the numbers to stay here but these are good and FX would be proud to let this be the flagship show of the network.

5. The Vampire Diaries (1.38 million 0.6)- This show is coming into the season with a whole lot of mystery and not a lot of hype to back it up. Losing a lead actress is a big deal. For now, these numbers put the show in slightly above average territory for The CW. Since the numbers in general are so tiny, even small ratings losses might spell a dire future for this show.

6. She’s Got Game (1.783 million 0.9)- The numbers for this show haven’t been overtly impressive but they haven’t been disastrous either. I think this is one of those situations where VH1 knows that there’s interest in The Game. The problem will just be settling on a show concept that works for both parties. I don’t know if this show returns for a second season but I think it’s likely that a show featuring The Game returns to VH1 in some capacity.

7. Arrow (2.67 million 1.1)- Just as The Flash returned as The CW’s #1 show, this show returned as the #2 show. I expect it to stay that way at least until midseason.

8. Supernatural (1.94 million 0.9)- The old veteran show just keeps chugging along. The ratings currently make this the third highest rated show on The CW and with so many disappointments going on with lower rated shows, this show is going to remain in the position where it will only end when the people involved are ready to call it quits.

9. Couples Therapy (Premiere: 552,000 0.3; Episode 2: 558,000 0.3)- When you remove a strong lead-in and potentially polarizing castmembers, you end up with this. These numbers are average for this show. Fortunately, average for this show is still better than most of VH1’s Wednesday offerings this year so all it has to do is try not to lose any viewers along the way.

10. The Originals (894,000 0.4)- These really aren’t good ratings to start the season off. We all know that these numbers will fall over the course of the season because that’s just what happens with most shows on TV and history has indicated that this show isn’t immune to the decline. That being said, The CW is stuck with this show because they are going to have to renew it for a fourth season and they need room. The post- The Vampire Diaries slot isn’t as strong as previous years and it has a notorious reputation for not helping out shows, but they need room and if an existing show had to move to keep a new show away from Fridays, I think this show appears to be the first candidate for a move