Tuesday, April 7, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 4/7/15 Edition

Early April is a strange time for shows. The Broadcast networks are still limping along and trying to stay strong for another month while the cable networks are shifting into their spring schedules.

1. Better Call Saul (2.532 million 1.2)- The ratings this season have been mostly stable outside of the first couple of episodes and a little drop last week. AMC doesn’t look idiotic for renewing the show before it started. These numbers are better than most of the entire run of Breaking Bad. In AMC fashion, the show will probably be back early next year but all of the extra time does give AMC the option to order extra episodes to possibly give it a split season like they do with The Walking Dead.

2. Amish Mafia (1.645 million 0.6)- This is a show where the show got hot the first couple of seasons and instead of beating it to death, the network decided on an endgame and stuck with it. Four seasons isn’t a long run for a reality show but it isn’t a terribly short one either.

3. Catfish: The TV Show (1.132 million 0.7)- The numbers this season haven’t been strong but they are still place the show near the top of the pile at MTV this year. MTV’s struggles have run pretty deep for a while and it indicates a serious problem when just about every returning show has seen lower ratings for their newest seasons. I want to see if they make an upfront presentation this year only because there are messages that can be received either from doing one or not doing one. Not doing a presentation would indicate that there may not be a plan in place to try to change the fortunes of the network.

4. Scandal (7.27 million 2.1)- This show has taken a major tumble since How to Get Away with Murder ended. These are basically at season 1 to early season 2 levels. It is still good enough to get renewed (and it needs a fifth season to have enough episodes for syndication anyway) but this is a troubling stretch to go through. ABC might need to figure out a way to better manage their breaks if they are still bound by a short season order for How to Get Away with Murder. The night is far too valuable to ruin by mistakes.

5. Being Mary Jane (1.588 million 0.8)- This has dropped quite a bit in the last several weeks. The show has now basically dropped to The Game levels. That would make the show good enough to get renewed but possibly not what BET was hoping for since they are still very light with their slate of original programming.

6. The Americans (895,000 0.3)- I didn’t get a chance to squeeze this in last week so I’ll do it today. It is a little bit of a surprise that this got renewed but not really. This show has quite a bit off critical acclaim and that is important. Another important fact to consider is the veteran status of this show. A fourth season was needed because FX either has recently ended or will end 2 shows older than this one (Sons of Anarchy and Justified). They don’t really have a deep slate of dramas to go to so it’s better to keep this around for now and try to use the rest of the year to find another hit or two.

7. American Idol (8.48 million 1.8)- The one night per week format was by design all along because FOX came into the season expecting lower numbers. I don’t think they were expecting numbers this low and I know they never anticipated Empire being the show to attract viewers to Wednesday nights. This show is still a little too big to replace and the network has a habit of sticking with reality shows that are well past their prime so I can’t say I’m concerned about it.

8. The Originals (1.12 million 0.5)- This has been off for a while and while the numbers are a little lower, there’s no reason to be alarmed by them. The show is coming back next season and the networks are all experiencing their normal spring slump. This show like most other broadcast shows only have a handful of episodes left to air this season.

9. Match Made in Heaven (478,000 0.2)- So this is the finale and while I want to believe this won’t be renewed, stranger things have happened. Dating shows usually fall in the range of hits or flops. This is neither and that means the result either way may not come as much of a surprise.

10. Preachers of Detroit (181,000 0.1)- I guess this is coming off of a 2 week break because I didn’t see any numbers last week. These numbers are pretty bad. It is a season low for the show and I am left scratching my head at why Oxygen felt the need to order a third spinoff for the franchise (Preachers of Atlanta) when this show is basically left to die on Fridays and they still haven’t renewed Preachers of LA. It is all very confusing.