Tuesday, November 4, 2014

10 Ratings Blurbs: 11/4/14 Edition

This is another week of shows with mediocre performances. I see only 2 shows on my list that I would say put up some fairly positive numbers this week.

1. K. Michelle: My Life (2.179 million 1.1)- I’ve been saying for a couple of years that Mondays on VH1 are extremely crowded because their shows are often in positions where it is really difficult to fail. I thought the same would be true for this show and going by these numbers I would have to be correct. This show has a lot of room to find its floor and I’m assuming it will be on at least until the end of the year so this is a very positive start and VH1 will just have to add one more show to the pile that is gunning not only to get renewed but to also retain its 9pm Monday timeslot. If the numbers stay like these the show will be right there with Hit the Floor and Black Ink Crew with commanding the highest priority for this slot since this show should be versatile enough to air with all three Love & Hip Hop shows.

2. Vanderpump Rules (1.250 million 0.7)- I suppose Bravo is going to let this show air without Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season since the aforementioned show is slated to air on Tuesdays. I’m not sure what the motive is but I’m a little apprehensive about these numbers. For a premiere I don’t think Bravo should be thrilled about these numbers but they shouldn’t be disappointed either. I feel if these numbers stay in this general area over the next 4-5 weeks then Bravo can be happy with this show’s performance.

3. Two and a Half Men (10.29 million 2.4)- This is the final season of the show so the ratings aren’t too important but outside of The Big Bang Theory, CBS doesn’t have much to cheer for with their new Thursday night schedule. That being said, these numbers are okay. They have bigger issues to address with this night.

4. Bad Girls Club: Redemption (1.071 million 0.6)- This is only the second time this season that these numbers have been over a million viewers. As a result, the season average for this show is still below a million viewers and that would make this the lowest rated season of the show since season 3. Perhaps there are some fatal flaws that can’t be fixed with this show but even numbers like this put the show well ahead of the current crop of shows on Oxygen.

5. Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons (1.567 million 0.9)- These may not be the blockbuster numbers E! was hoping for but they could have been a whole lot worse. Outside of hardcore Kardashian fans, the public is over this family and these shows. The days of attracting 3 million viewers for anything they do are long gone but since the fans are still there the numbers aren’t distressing.

6. Real Husbands of Hollywood (849,000 0.4)- BET has to be freaking out right about now. They have already committed to a fourth season of this show but I’m sure they did that believing at worst the show wouldn’t fall below a 0.7-0.8 demo. This is only episode 3 and the numbers have already fallen this far. This has to be an absolute shock to them and at this point they have to be wondering if they need to do a big holiday push for Being Mary Jane to remind viewers that they have a network with shows they can tune into. These long layovers with these shows cannot be helpful if viewers don’t have the incentive to check in to the network regularly.

7. Project Runway All Stars (1.222 million 0.3)- I get that the all star seasons of this show never do as well as the main show but last season was the anomaly because it had fairly similar ratings to the season of Project Runway that aired before it. This season seems to have gotten off to a horrible start even for this show. That demo is really low and the total viewers are nothing to write home about either. It’s only been one episode but Lifetime better hope it doesn’t fall harder than this.

8. Elementary (7.57 million 1.2)- This is a really bad start and I know CBS recognizes it. CBS is already in a tough position because these ratings would have to be downright disastrous for them to consider canceling it knowing they need to renew it for one more season to cash in on that syndication money. Everyone knows CBS has a syndication farm where old and low rated shows go to die a slow, painful death. There’s no room on that farm right now but they do have the option to make room. If the decision to make room happens before March (when CBS typically renews everything except what they consider to be tossup shows) then that will be the shock of the season.

9. Hollywood Divas (153,000 0.1)- This is new territory for me because I usually don’t see TVOne numbers outside of premieres, finales and reunion show episodes and naturally those would be the 3-4 highest rated episodes of the season for those shows. That being said I still get the feeling that this may be what a bad week looks like for them. These shows have the potential to reach 500k viewers, they have the potential to reach 250k viewers so when you start going lower than hat even I have to believe that is a little worrisome.

10. I Heart Nick Carter (276,000 0.1)- This show was a dead show walking as soon as they moved the show to 11pm. There will be no season 2 here and clearly VH1 is already looking ahead to December to see if Mob Wives and Suave Says will breathe some life into that Wednesday lineup. Personally I believe they will find that only one of those shows will have a chance to see another season and even that has question marks surrounding it.