Tuesday, November 25, 2014

10 Ratings Blurbs: 11/25/14 Edition

A few shows wrapped up for the holiday season this past week and quite a few more will be doing the same in the next couple of weeks.

1. Real Housewives of Atlanta (3.145 million 1.5)- This is down noticeably from last week but overall this is still a very strong start for the season and this show. Real Housewives seasons run very long so I doubt anyone will hold an episode like this against the show 8-9 weeks down the line regardless of what direction the show goes in.

2. Scandal (8.62 million 2.2)- Now begins the winter hiatus and this one won’t be as long as last season. That means you will probably see scattered repeats in March and April but hey ABC has to do something to stretch those weeks out for this show.

3. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (1.995 million 0.9)- For a Tuesday, this is pretty good. It shows that Bravo did a good job of promoting the move and the fans knew where to find it. They are going to have to depend on that fan support because this show is not like Atlanta where it can be a veteran show and still have the opportunity to grow.

4. Duck Dynasty (2.620 million 1.0)- This show fell off really hard. Still these numbers qualify as the highest rated show on the network and it is hard to make any kind of argument against this show so early in the season.

5. Bad Girls Club: Redemption (1.041 million 0.5)- I think this season is done in terms of trying to catch up to season 12. Yes there are probably about 10 episodes to go but the show has yet to reach 1.1 million viewers for an episode this season and that is not going to work when you need to average about 1.5-1.6 million the rest of the season to overtake season 12. Oxygen appears to be moving ahead with a 14th season and it will be shameful if that manages to do better than every show the when you need to get just about 1.3 million to overtake season 12. Oxygen appears to be moving ahead with a 14th season and it will be shameful if that manages to do better than the 10 or so shows they have lined up for next year and that is not out of the realm of possibility.

6. Masterchef Junior (4.27 million 1.5)- This season must either be exceptionally short or it is running into at least mid-December because I do not understand why FOX wants to premiere a brand new season in early January. I know Tuesdays are a wasteland and this is their highest rated show on the night but they are killing these reality shows by doubling up on the seasons and premiering them so close to each other.

7. How to Get Away with Murder (9.82 million 3.1)- Unlike Scandal, this show doesn’t have that many episodes left which is why ABC is opting to end the winter hiatus early rather than stretch it out until late February for only a handful of episodes. The slot is accounted for when this show ends but the fate of the successor will have no bearing on the fate of this show. This show will be among the first wave of ABC’s renewals.

8. Hell’s Kitchen (3.98 million 1.5)- As usual, FOX is opting to do a spring season of this show but unlike Masterchef Junior, they are actually going to give viewers a chance to miss this show and hold it until March. With numbers like these that’s a good thing but midseason isn’t shaping up to be very fruitful for FOX.

9. Project Runway All Stars (1.519 million 0.4)-The show is beginning to climb back into familiar territory after a pretty lousy start. This has never really been an overachieving show but Lifetime is in a world of trouble on both the scripted and unscripted fronts so for now it is better to keep the utility players around.

10. Anger Management (10pm: 663,000 0.3; 10:30pm 591,000 0.3)- The series finale for this show is about a month away. I think FX is glad for it and I think these last few weeks of numbers is why FX is dragging their feet on a decision about Partners. Personally I believe that show should be canceled. This 10-90 model doesn’t seem like a very good one some 80-ish episodes in and it hasn’t looked like one for a very long time.