Tuesday, June 25, 2013

10 Ratings Blurbs 6/25/13 Edition

So I'm back but not 100% to be honest. Just enough to post this and to finally get around to posting my June predictions sometime in the morning. The scorecard for this month is sure to be late too but hopefully I'll have that up before the 4th (or definitely on the 4th if it's that late) [Full Post Here].

1. Couples Therapy (725,000 0.4)- I have to look back at some old notes but if this isn’t a series high (yes series not even just a season high) then it is very close to it. If this holds up VH1 might get the Wednesday nights of their dreams sooner than they might think.

2. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta (3.124 million 1.7)- I wanted to see how this show would perform with no NBA competition and it seems that while the ratings did increase, they didn’t increase by all that much. If this is the ceiling then it is a very good place to be but perhaps VH1 wonders if this show could have done more for them.

3. The Haves and the Have Nots (1.319 million 0.4)- I was going to look at these numbers and wonder how OWN was feeling about them but since the show just got an order for 16 more episodes (to make the full season 1 order 32 episodes) then that makes any curiosity a moot point.

4. The Voice (15.59 million 4.4)- I know it’s late June and this was up against game 6 of the NBA finals but this seems weak and its due back in September so I think NBC really needs to start being worried about overkill.

5. Veep (985,000 0.5)- Eh talking about the ratings for HBO shows can be quite boring. There’s almost never any suspense because HBO renews their shows so early. Oh well this will be gone until next spring like clockwork.

6. Drop Dead Diva (2.152 million 0.7)- I really want to see what the numbers do this season. Lifetime showed their hand with this show last season and they were lucky that they were able to change their minds because they don’t really have a scripted powerhouse show anymore and so far this show is right in the bunch with the rest.

7. Hannibal (1.98 million 0.8)- I do not see how this show got renewed. I also do not see how this show will get a place anywhere on the midseason schedule unless NBC has yet another atrocious year where nearly everything is begging to be canceled again. This show is not going to get a decent spot on the schedule if 3 or more of their freshman shows are solid performers.

8. Wilfred (Premiere: 648,000 0.3; Episode 2: 607,000 0.3)- If I recall correctly, these numbers are ok for an average episode of this show but they aren’t so good for a premiere. The numbers seem to trail off from the premieres and FX waited a really long time to renew the show last season. I’m not sure it gets lucky this season if the ratings start to fall.

9. True Blood (4.082 million 2.2)- I didn’t get a chance to say anything about the premiere last week but it was going to be something along the lines of how this is a dying show. The numbers aren’t anything that HBO needs to be disappointed about but this show is no longer the scripted darling of cable or even of HBO. Its time has now passed.

10. Stevie TV (171,000 0.1)- If I have everything straight then this show has aired something in the area of 3-4 episodes already. Every episode up to this point was basically on par with season 1 which meant that it was a vast improvement over Best Week Ever and The Jenny McCarthy Show. This week I’m not sure what happened. It could be a fluke or it could be the sign of something worse.