Tuesday, November 24, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 11/24/15 Edition

This week's post features the last fall broadcast premiere for 2015. I wish I could say the same for cable but it looks like December is shaping up to be a more active month than usual for premieres.

1. Chicago Med (8.64 million 2.2)- Another Chicago show, another seemingly decent performer for NBC. The only question is how the show will perform without The Voice (assuming the show only takes a short holiday break in December and airs new episodes in January).

2. Scandal (8.13 million 2.4)- This is done for the fall and the likely scenario when it returns will be weaker ratings but still near the top of the mountain at ABC. Their midseason replacements (freshmen and sophomores) have a very good shot at doing much worse than this.

3. Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood (2.411 million 1.3)- I’m a little surprised that this was down for the finale. Maybe it’s possible that the episode wasn’t promoted well. I guess it doesn’t matter because the reunions tend to be the higher rated episodes for this franchise (along with premieres). This will end the year as a top 3 show for VH1 but there may be an extended battle to retain its current second place position with the original Love & Hip Hop returning in a few weeks.

4. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (1.317 million 0.6)- This did really well for a special but it is obviously attributed to airing directly behind Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday.

5. How to Get Away with Murder (7.19 million 2.3)- It seems this show was helped by being promoted as the fall finale. While this will be on hiatus until February (like the rest of ABC’s Thursday lineup), there are only 6 episodes left for the season. It may be wise for ABC to make a promotional push in January to ensure that this show ends the season strong. The last thing they need is yet another show limping into a third season.

6. The Challenge: Bloodlines (538,000 0.4)- This could have done a whole lot worse for a preseason special airing at midnight with no lead-in. However, I won’t read into these numbers because specials are not a good indication of how the show will perform.

7. The Vampire Diaries (1.10 million 0.5)- So The CW announced today that this show (and The Originals) will move to Fridays when it returns from winter break. I’m not very surprised by the move for The Originals but I am a little surprised with this show because this is the very first move for the show on a network where there are very few schedule guarantees. I guess it just shows that this show is obviously past its prime and the network has moved on to favoring other shows (aka the DC shows).

8. Grimm (3.63 million 0.9)- This show is already beginning to trail off from its already sluggish start and I still don’t believe that these ratings are an urgent matter for NBC. They have a pair midseason rookies coming soon and they have other veteran shows with a lot of questions surrounding their futures. This show will continue to sit on the backburner for a while.

9. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (3.60 million 1.3)- This show is also not going to be immune to the long winter break. As with last season, the show will be on an extended hiatus so Agent Carter can air in the spot. I have my doubts that Agent Carter will improve its numbers but at this point, ABC is just hoping that the show can match last season’s numbers (which ironically now equals this show’s numbers).

10. Selling It: In the ATL (284,000 0.1)- I can now say with certainty that this show isn’t doing well and I don’t see these numbers improving. To me, this is a dead show walking. There are shows getting better ratings on the network and I’m not really a fan of trying to create franchises from one modestly successful season of a show. I’m aware that it has been done successfully but it’s not a solid blueprint that networks need to follow. I don’t know how many more episodes this has but I know we aren’t halfway through the season yet. Don’t be surprised if this eventually gets the Match Made in Heaven treatment where it gets moved out of primetime.