Tuesday, May 19, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 5/19/15 Edition

I haven't had the chance to post anything in 2 weeks and I won't go back and make old posts because the ratings weren't all that impressive for anything. Since the last week had a bunch of broadcast finales, that's what this list features.

1. Scandal (8.08 million 2.3)- The spring hasn’t been kind to this show and ratings have plummeted back down to season 1/early season 2 levels. ABC probably feels like they need to maintain a Shonda Rhimes night for the entire season and they are trying that out next year. However, it will be interesting if it turns out that How to Get Away with Murder will end up as the top show for the night (and the network because the scripted drama bar is super low and Modern Family is still the top dog for the comedy side). The honors are there for the taking and this show doesn’t have the monopoly on that anymore.

2. Chicago Fire (6.66 million 1.5)- The only notable news with this show is that NBC has ordered the long rumored third spinoff for next season (Chicago Med). The franchise may not be as strong as people believe it should be but NBC is still a mess on their comedy front and these shows fill holes that otherwise would be dead space for specials or reruns by November sweeps if any other shows aired in their spots.

3. Nashville (4.65 million 1.2)- I still have to believe that this show is following the same path as Revenge where it will get 4 seasons and it is done. Guess what? Next season is season 4 and ABC is shaping up to have a bloodbath next year and this show has a good chance to be in the cancellation line.

4. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (3.88 million 1.3)- Everyone was aware that ABC was going to have to renew 2-3 shows that they probably didn’t want to renew but they had no choice to do so. This was one of those shows. What nobody was expecting was to have this (and Nashville) be overshadowed by quite a few headscratching renewals. For this show all that means is that the ratings will probably look really bad next year but because they have just now renewed shows with even worse ratings, they won’t look like idiots for renewing this show next year.

5. Arrow (2.83 million 1.0)- This show put up a strong finish for the finale. It is possible that some tweaks could be made to put it on even footing with The Flash and that would be ideal with a third DC spinoff due next season. If no changes are made, it’s still ok because it is firmly the #2 show on the network.

6. Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Ski Trip (1.457 million 0.5)- This isn’t an awful start but this is only a 3 episode special so I’m not sure how important the ratings are for this anyway. This was never going to pull RHOA numbers so you have to say that the numbers are acceptable.

7. The Vampire Diaries (1.44 million 0.7)- We have known that the show was renewed for a seventh season since January. Since then, news has broken that the lead actress is leaving the show leaving people to wonder if next season could possibly be the final season. No such announcement from The CW and it is a little puzzling because they have only canceled 2 shows this year and ordered 3 new shows. If they want any new shows for fall 2016, they are going to have to cancel or end something. I’m not saying this show is first in line but it has to be up for consideration seeing that it is now far from being the top show on the network.

8. Grimm (4.74 million 1.1)- NBC knew they messed up by moving the show to 8pm this spring. They have decided to correct the mistake and now it will go back to 9pm. If history is any indication, the show will probably return in late October.

9. Elementary (6.96 million 1.2)- The fact that this will be returning next season is not a surprise. CBS was expected to renew this even with the low ratings all along. The surprising thing is that they don’t consider this show to be one of their top 3 problem veterans going into next season as evidenced by the fact that this show isn’t going to move when it returns in November.

10. American Idol (Tuesday: 5.55 million 1.3; Wednesday Finale: 8.03 million 1.7)- It is a good thing that the show will be coming to an end next year. I’m not sure that plan was in mind at the beginning of this season but with the way the ratings continued to fall this season, it was a necessary action and it gives FOX enough time to pull together all the gimmicks they can for the final season.