Wednesday, February 18, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 2/18/15 Edition

This is here much later than usual but these things cannot be helped.

1. The Flash (3.66 million 1.5)- This may just be the result of a show having a good week but a 1.5 demo for a CW show at this point in the season is nothing to sneeze at. It is a good showing but it will be even more impressive when the time change hits in a few weeks.

2. Project Runway All Stars (1.573 million 0.4)- This took a little bit of a step back for the finale. It was a good start and it was building towards a good finish. The finish never quite happened but this show has done worse in the past and has gotten renewed so I don’t see a reason why it wouldn’t come back.

3. Celebrity Apprentice (6.10 million 1.7)- This could have done a tiny bit better for the finale but the season is an overall improvement from the last one. NBC did renew the show for another season so I suppose the goal now may be using this to bridge the gap between seasons of The Voice in the winter.

4. Amish Mafia (2.079 million (0.7)- Discovery says this is the final season for the show. 4 seasons is a fairly decent run and these numbers are about average for the show. Ratings won’t mean a whole lot for this season.

5. Duck Dynasty (2.507 million 0.9)- This show is at the point where you have to seriously wonder when A&E will call it quits. It could have been canceled after season 4 with all the controversy surrounding it but it survived another 3 seasons. The ratings are nowhere near where they used to be and they are never going back to that point so the only thing left to do now is for A&E to hopefully give this show the dignity of airing a final season before it dips below some of their other shows.

6. The Haves and the Have Nots (3.416 million 1.1)- This may just be a good week but a good week for a show is still one good week. What gets lost is that Tuesdays used to be a strong night for cable and it isn’t anymore. This show takes full advantage of the weaker night and usually comes out on top.

7. Mob Wives (1.143 million 0.6)- That blip a few weeks ago was just a blip. The numbers for this season aren’t going to get too much better than this and that isn’t a bad thing because this show is still the only non-Monday show outside of Hollywood Exes that VH1 knows they can depend on.

8. Love & Hip Hop (2.627 million 1.5)- This show may just break the trend of all the odd numbered seasons having substantially lower ratings than the even numbered season before it. Right now the show is about 500k viewers off from the season 4 average and I don’t think it will catch up to season 4, but the show is posting some very respectable numbers.

9. Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (688,000 0.3)- This should be a season high for the show if I am remembering things correctly. One good week doesn’t save a show just like one bad week doesn’t break a show. That still doesn’t help the fact that this show is down quite a bit from last season. It is going to need a strong finish to redeem itself but it is nowhere near the bottom of the pack on the network.

10. The Americans (1.018 million 0.2)- These numbers are absolutely tanking this season. I mentioned the premiere numbers being borderline acceptable and that meant the show couldn’t afford to lose any viewers. If these numbers don’t improve I do see FX canceling this show.