Tuesday, February 10, 2015

10 Ratings Blurbs: 2/10/15 Edition

This was an active week. There's a series premiere, a series finale, three recently renewed shows and of course The Walking Dead to grace the list.

1. The Walking Dead (15.643 million 8.0)- So this missed out on setting another record and frankly I am not surprised. The show is halfway through its fifth season. The ceiling had to be reached eventually. No one has lost sight of the fact that these numbers are still huge and they crush all other scripted shows on TV.

2. Better Call Saul (Sunday: 6.881 million 3.4; Monday: 3.418 million 1.6)- To keep things in perspective we have to remember that Breaking Bad didn’t take off until its final season. We also have to remember that this show has already been renewed for a second season so should things fall off from here the creators do have the opportunity to make some tweaks to try to salvage the show if necessary. This is a decent start for the show. Monday nights outside of TNT aren’t exactly overflowing with scripted offerings on cable.

3. Being Mary Jane (2.374 million 1.2)- I really want to see the numbers for tonight’s episode. These premiere numbers are okay but BET shows have a nasty habit of experiencing a sharp ratings decline in week 2. A 0.4-0.6 demo loss would put the show right in the same territory as The Game and that would be a bit of a disappointment.

4. Chicago PD (7.58 million 1.6)- NBC renewed quite a few shows last week and this was one of them. None of the renewals were surprising and it should be noted that this show is part of a larger syndication package meaning that the renewal for next season for this show is effectively a renewal for the next 2 seasons barring some kind of unforeseen disaster.

5. Snooki & JWOWW (1.030 million 0.5)- I think I found out 5 or 6 weeks ago that this was the final season for this show. These numbers aren’t overly impressive for a series finale but I’m not sure I want to call this a series finale since MTV is getting into the habit of not letting old shows die even when they claim they are done.

6. Nashville (5.05 million 1.3)- ABC really would prefer to just get to May. They know they don’t have too many confident renewals and they know they will need to make a lot of tough cancellations. I’m still of the mindset that the show will get renewed with these low ratings because it is basically in the same position Revenge was in last season (What happens to Revenge this season is more telling because it may be a sign for what will happen to this show next year).

7. Chicago Fire (6.52 million 1.6)- There was no way this show would get canceled this season. It needs a fourth season for syndication and NBC wasted no time getting this out of the way.

8. Grimm (4.67 million 1.2)- I am not surprised this show ended up in the first wave of renewals for NBC. It is a show that doesn’t put up impressive numbers on Fridays but it gives the timeslot it airs in a bit of stability.

9. Hindsight (280,000 0.2)- I do not like this show’s chances based on numbers alone. The numbers really aren’t very good. Even though the numbers are obviously bad, one cannot ignore that VH1 does have a habit of renewing at least one pretty low rated show every year. The shows they have renewed with low numbers over the last 4 years all had slightly better ratings than this one. The other shows were also reality shows. This is a scripted show which does make it a pretty good candidate to scoop up that renewal but it would only happen if the cost to produce a second season would be worth suffering through another season of low numbers and that is something I cannot predict.

10. Suave Says (244,000 0.1)- Any show that moves twice in a 10 episode run doesn’t have a very good shot at getting renewed. If one of those moves is to 11pm then the show has no shot at being renewed. That is the situation with this show.